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        Top investment consulting company
        CI Consulting is accredited with “Top Investment Consulting Companies for the Year of 2010”

          According to public appraisal of “Finance and Economics Ranking for the Year of 2010”, CI Consulting is awarded the title of “Top Investment Consulting Companies for the Year of 2010” owing to its powerful strength. CI Consulting has been awarded such prize during series appraisals as conducted previously. Such honors serve as the manifestation of extensive recognition of CI Consulting in the field of investment consultation.

          For many years, CI Consulting has always been adhering to the conception of “To make the investment safer and business operation more moderate” to strive for the top international investment consulting institution. The company has provided numerous investors and enterprises with a mass of authoritative investment consultation propositions and professional services, and has won wide appraises from all circles. Such honor is the adequate affirmation of CI Consulting. CI Consulting will continue to create more values to clients based on the principle of “customer orientation”.。

        The medal of “China’s Top Investment Consulting Companies in 2010”

        The certificate of merit of “China’s Top Investment Consulting Companies in 2010.